Crusta: Your partner in live, fresh and deepfrozen Seafood products.

Northsea, Grevelingen, Oosterschelde, Nordish Fjords, Barents Sea, Bering Sea or the Atlantic waters around France, Ireland and Nova Scotia, we are represented!

Upon arrival in Urk the live shellfish are immediately stored in our Crusta Ocean. The Crusta Ocean is a state-of-the-art salt water auto-refreshing system with a capacity of 500.000 litres, which closely recreates the natural living conditions of the shellfish. Crusta will store all shellfish before they are sold, thereby guaranteeing the superb quality of our products.

Crusta Ocean uses three closed systems for the dilution of the shellfish and crustaceans. Therefor three systems will be used to the King Crabs, Canadian Lobsters, North Sea crab and Oysters.